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The local antisensei started his new job as a doorman at a disco.






Hi, may we get in ?


Yes, sure.


We too ?


Of course.


But we've stil got our dirty work clothes on.


Doesn't matter. They will get clean inside.


I think my shoes are somewhat inappropriate ?! 


Never mind, extreme spikes are again in fashion.


Hello, you guys up there, yes, you. Come here. Wipe off the blood and get inside. We've still got plenty of room.


Are you sure the business should be run this way ?


I've already churned out 500 entrance tickets this weekend. We are very popular. The boss of the chain will surely promote me.


Hi, glad you are back again. Did they release you earlier ? 


Nope, I escaped.


Great, got some time to help me ?


Such characters shouldn't be around here at all.


Hm, yes, I will take care of that. When people make an effort, one should accomodate them.


Some of them again didn't pay.


Um, yes, they never do. We have to avoid any trouble. One has to be very diplomatic to not upset the customers.


Hi, what's going on ? What kind of clientele have you got ?


We've got very high standards and are everywhere known and popular. I always place high value on a pleasant atmosphere.


Isn't that guy banned from this place for life ?


Forget it. We've got to integrate the folks, or they won't come back again.


Hello, you two, yes, you. May I interrupt you for a second ?! Would you like to continue fighting inside ?


I don't know whether I should come in. Music always makes me so aggressive.


Never mind, you will grow into it. 


May I take my fighting dog inside ?


Certainly, we are traditionally very fond of animals.


You remember that the guy with his combat cats is already downstairs ?


So what ? I cannot let them stay outside.


Hey, what's in the bottles ? 


Just some kind of stuff.


I see, that's fine, have fun. I will call you next week.


Sure, great. It's always cool with your place here.   


This is a good friend of mine, very obedient and really reliable.


Is there an electric socket and an extension cord at the bar ?


Yes, several. Have fun.


Did you see what he got in his backpack ?


Well, yes, he really does like to come here. This is one of my loyal fans.


One ought to throw out most of those people.


No, I am the boss. Anyway, I don't know what the fuss is all about.


There is an increasing number of complaints from the patrons.


If they don't like it, they are free to leave.


Guys ! Guys ! Stop rampaging in front of the building, better get inside.


Someone just entered with a sawn-off shotgun !


Where ? Yes, that's true. Hey, you, come back immediately ! You cannot go in like this.


Why ?


You lost your knife. It must not lie around at the entrance. You've got to take it with you.


Yes. Thanks !


Hey, dude, I got to vomit. Let me pass. 


Come in, nice to see you. By the way, what's your profession ?





This is one of those articles where the term "antisensei" does not necessarily denote a specific person. Rather it is a synonym for all charlatans. The discotheque is either the symbol for a single martial arts club or for an entire martial art association. The bouncer's task in the figurative sense is to keep out people severely misbehaving.



It's starting off quite general. 


Everything is still relatively harmless.


The bouncer idea was motivated by the "Bouncer Version" of "My Do" in the deleted articles section.



It's getting more intense.




No wish will be denied, together with active chumming up, as usual.


Such a text can be attached to various professional groups. The advantage of the disco - bouncer theme is its great potential to illustrate the events within clubs and organisations with many interesting analogies.


Some of the quack's true intentions are shining through. In a club, only few members experience such things in pure form. Usually one is presented a facade of friendliness and fake authenticity.   





Everything is sacrificed for connections.


Now and then there is a warning voice. In a pre-version of this text, it was intended to integrate a side plot in which the critical helper would be fired and replaced by some apple polisher, but this would have overloaded the article with allusions. 



Such things can also be observed in the club, and it is one of the less severe wastes of money.



A potential victim on his way to getting bootlicked.




The usual glossing over with ever the same phoney slogans. Although this article has a general approach, from time to time real quotes are inserted.



One of the primary objectives is to provide  meaningless statistics for window dressing.


The jettison of personal integrity and contents can be encountered time and again, for minor and major issues.




Not only here the wrong clientele is attracted.


Such an escalation of the story has two aspects. On the one hand, the clarity of the statement increases and so does the entertainment value. On the other hand, extreme analogies entail the danger to forget that the plot is triggered by real events. 


Originally there was the idea to introduce a disco-doctor as a parallel to the karate-doctor, but that would have been too much within the scope of this text. For the same reason, the disco house-rules corresponding to dojo-rules were dropped.


The term "fun" is frequently encountered as a key element in decadent thinking. No one shall be deterred, and club members are served with some convenient softened martial arts pulp.    


A cursory, albeit in daily life seldom, glance at the underlying instrumental view of  the antisensei's subjects.


At some point, the most absurd and most degenerate conditions become a matter of course.


An earlier version of this article explicitly stated that the person carries a chainsaw. However, it could be anything else, just let your fantasy run wild.  Moreover, the anti-bouncer's answer illustrates the usual beating around the bush and his self-adulation.



Megalomania, evading questions, and appeasing. This behavior can be observed regularly at important and minor issues.




This is once more a quote. It is frequently expected that people join in, leave, or at least shut up. 



Today's satire will be the reality of tomorrow. In many cases, yesterday's satire has already become the fact of today.





The rotten inner logic and the self dynamics of decadent systems pop up.



Here are again some of the core elements, i.e. the perversion of contents, chumming up, getting popular, and imposing on people.




This could go on and on, but it ends here.

The deleted scenes still add some details.

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