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Examinations III




Ok, that's all. Now I will explain how you performed and who passed.


Well, X, that was extremely bad. Your techniques are far too weak, and the stances are shaky. You repeatedly omitted combination parts. That doesn't work at all. And the kata was imprecise, to say the least, and you forgot several techniques and a kiai. This has to get much much better before reaching the next higher rank. It's the same with kumite. The attacks are far too slow, and the distances are unrealistic. Your defence is a disaster. Sometimes you don't react at all. This is far below the requirements. This isn't even two levels below it. That does not suffice at all. Alright, examination passed.   




Dude, that was awesome.




Tough examination, but everybody has to go through it.


Great, you finally made it.


Cool, now you can train with us in the advanced class.


Well, first I've got to relax and regenerate a few weeks. After all, in three months there will already be the next grading.


 2006 GNM