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Hello, X.


Hello, Y.


Did you watch the new episode of the TV show yesterday ?


Sure, wouldn't want to miss it, was as good as usual.


Hopefully they will produce further seasons.


Probably, given the high ratings.


There are even rumors about a hollywood movie.


Looking forward to it.


The music is also great.


Yes, I will get everything on DVD.


This time I've only watched the beginning until this slimy guy drove into the car wash. What happened next ?


Well, he turned out to be the initiator of the scam and was eventually backstabbed by his own people.


This character appeared more and more in the series.


Right, and the actor portrayed him very convincingly, first nice and friendly and then really phoney. There were flashbacks where they revealed his true ...


Hello everyone.


Hi, Z.


Come in, here is lots of space.


Where was I ?


Talking about the asshole.


Ah, yes. So, for a long time he enjoyed high trust until it became clear what's really going on.


Wouldn't have believed that before.


Me neither, although there had been clues, but only few noticed them.


His minions were inconspicuous, too.


In retrospect, one wonders how one could be fooled that much.


I am curious how it will go on.


I hope the douchebag will disappear soon. I cannot stand him any longer.


It is not right to say such things.


Why, all who have seen it, do agree. 


I've heard that many times before, and I've also witnessed it. And even if, that's not the point.


Maybe you're confusing him with someone else ?


No, it is obvious, it can only mean one person.


Then what is the problem ?


The problem is that one must not say such things. It only does harm to the cause.


Which cause ?


If you don't like it, you should leave.


What are you talking about ?


Hello guys.


Hi, W.




Hello, W, good you are here. Just listen how these two are bad-mouthing our club president.


 2011 EWS