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Budo Voodoo



All preparations were completed. A voodoo doll representing the antisensei had been thoroughly designed. Everything done to the doll would be transferred to the antisensei. The assassins were hiding in the gymnasium in order to carry out the campaign for all the world to see. Needles, hammer, lighter, and other things were available. The operation started during the training session.


What will we do first ?

Pierce a needle into the doll's head.

Done. --------- Nothing happens.

Repeat it.

--------- Again nothing.

Stab it deeper.

------------ No reaction.

Then heat the needle up.

OK ---------- Any result ?


That doesn't work either. Maybe there's something wrong with the doll ?

No, everything is fine with it. Try several needles.

-------- Still nothing. The guy shows no reaction. It has no effect whatsoever.

Let's try something else. Whack the doll's back with the hammer.

--------------- No reaction.

Hit it harder.

------------- Nothing ------ It is as if he has no ------ Can that be possible ?

It is useless. Let's abort.

That's too bad. I collect our stuff and stab the remaining needles into the doll's arse, so we won't get hurt by them.


When the needles pierced the doll's bottocks, several club members started screaming, some instructors collapsed, helpers ran helplessly through the gym, and a sponsor got a hole in his head.


2006 EWS