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The 12 animal zodiacs are generally well known.

Almost unknown are the 13 budo zodiacs.  

They influence fate and future in their very special way.







Budo Zodiac

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Dead End

Plan forward and use the coming year for martial arts training. Leave the pseudojo.

Antisensei is in the fifth house. Escape to the sixth or seventh one. Be obedient and everything will be in harmony. A busybody visits your sign. Dispose of it professionally.




The constellation of anti-association and grading licence promises a successful year, as usual.

The summer break approaches. Increase your popularity by distributing belt-samples in the pedestrian zone.

Be in harmony with the obedient ones. Explore new paths. The graduation of toddlers makes the parents proud and happy.




At rank tests you should set the highest standard to the quality of the stamp.

Consider your signature on rank documents as   an autograph which nobody must be denied. Get inspired by the autumn leaf color. Make your belt examinations more valuable by gilding the certificates.

Especially in winter you should display utter munificence.




Use this year to fulfill a dream. Establish your own budo association. During the summer break, you declare nepotism an art form. The anti-association ascendant stands favourably to name a tournament after yourself. Increase the difficulty of rank examinations by raising the fees.




Early this year, an extensive praise by the antisensei depreciates your reputation. Reflect about what you have done wrong. The antidojo-conjunction advises caution. Correct execution of techniques will brand you an outsider. Take half-yearly stock and resignate. Search success through training    small animals. During winter, delight in the sudden belt color changes of your most incompetent students.




Even at the start of the new season, criticism of the antisensei must be reported immediately. The blending of helper and sponsor activities provides increasing popularity with the charlatan. In case of decreasing motivation to serve, remember the swagger potential of new colorful belts. Commence preparing for the next season by honing your hypocrisy skills.




Take spring fever as a cause for staying away from the anti-dojo the entire year.

At bad weather, watch a graduation show and do not forget to bring along drinks and popcorn.

Get inspired by the autumn sky. Increasing the distance to the antidojo will increase your qualification.

Prolonged hibernation delivers better training results than the anti-dojo.




Stick to new year's resolutions. Handing over the exact graduation fee ensures a harmonic grading event.

Enjoy the summer. Fear of belt examinations is irrational. Look at the failure rates of previous years.

Utilize the waiting period until the next rank promotion with waiting.

Low temperatures sharpen the mind. The color of snow corresponds to your true rank.




You plan to join the *** anti dojo. Rethink your intention during pimping the local sewage plants.

Rethink your intention during regular visits to the petting zoo.

Rethink your intention during several trips around the world.

Rethink your intention during building snow skyscapers.



5 to 12

Observe obedient followers and thereafter puke copiously into your club documents.

Stay alert even in the heat of the summer. Changing your address and phone number will spare you unpleasant surprises.

Prepare for a meeting with the con man. Learn to close your ears. Days are getting shorter. Pass your negative experiences on to potential returners.




Start the year by creating a new job. Hire someone supporting you throwing money down the drain. At the business school, your case proves a recipe for uninhibited guffawing. Get active in autumn. Turn yourself in for aggravated stupidity. During the cold season, burning your money presents an attractive alternative to sponsoring the antidojo.



wind vanes

Internalize this year's motto: One must obey authority. Estival give-away stars promote creativity. Invent a new gesture for blinde deference. Doubts about your loyalty can be removed by a well placed   antisensei tattoo. At the end of the year, your servility reflexes will be challenged to the extreme.



Question Mark

Between January 1 and December 31 is the best time to escape from the wannabe dojo. Full moon fosters truth and insight. While insulting followers, your expertise is being praised.

Enhance your qualification by oversleeping the dilettante's training classes. 

Tie a green belt round a snowman and watch the antisensei sweet-talking him.


  2008 EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE