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The 12 animal zodiacs are generally well known.

Almost unknown are the 13 budo zodiacs.  

They influence fate and future in their very special way.







Budo Zodiac

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Dead End

Plan forward and use the coming year for martial arts training.           Abandon the anti-dojo.

Forget any philosophic babble about the universe. Blend in with your decadent surroundings, and everything will be fine.

In spite of being exploited you feel indebted. You are suffering from the "Minion Syndrom"      and need immediate treatment.

Reflect on the past season and reward yourself by leaving the big bungler's facility.




This year, the club's age structure makes it necessary to increasingly ask little children for favors.

Keep a cool head. Don't overestimate yourself. Avoid meetings of more than one person.

Create career incentives for your subjects by establishing the position of a "prime sycophant". Don't let silly internet sites keep you from regularly calling yourself the boss.




Especially in springtime one can please many people by distributing long jolly ribbons.

Remain true to yourself even at full moon. Resist the temptation to let somebody fail a test. Your sign stands for continuity. Bridge the summer break by awarding ranks to kitchenware.

At the end of the year, you will experience the deeper meaning of "Do" within the beauty of the stamp.




The future is yours. Prove your qualification by inventing a new belt-color. Resolve inner conflicts. Silence your insights with the certainty of a new dan rank. It's time to rejoice. The anti-association conjunction secures a further season of unpunished going. Remove all doubts about the justness of your decisions by indulging in your bank statements.




This year, one can again distinguish beginners and     advanced students by their belt color.

Half year stock taking is coming up soon. Thereafter find success through training potted plants.

The anti-ascendent advises caution. A direct comparison with the level of the advanced class will drive you into megalomania.

The end-of-the-year review proves that the national budo association's graduation policy renders all your efforts futile.




Learn from teachings of successful footmen. Decent obedience will guarantee a harmonic start into the new season.

In the middle of the year, you will encounter a nice opportunity to get recognised as a full-value follower.

Autumn brings peril. The audacity to question your master's orders will put you in harms way.

This winter, your work finally pays off. The "Play-Helper" magazine nominates you for "Exploitee of the  Year".




Before your return you shouldn't miss searching the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Improve your chances for reviving the past by conducting an expedition to Atlantis.

The budo-spirit is playing hide and seek. Look for it outside your old club.

Rely on the experience of  dropouts. Counting snowflakes provides a spritual alternative to the quack's club. 




A new year brings new insights. Purchasing a rank at eBay is not inferior to a belt examination by the charlatan.

Summer advances spontaneity. Save your time and promote yourself.

Even during holidays you can eliminate doubts about your qualification by volunteering as a willing helper.

During long winter nights you should watch your rank certificates in a chimney fire.




Avoid changes. The decision to join the *** club ushers in the end of your martial arts career.

Set priorities. The state of the local sewage plant requires your undivided presence.

Watch falling leafs and a graduation show and reconsider your decision.

Adopt a realistic attitude. Extensive hibernation is vastly preferable to the anti-dojo.



it is high time

Be alert. The anti-dan tries to lure you off the right path by freebie graduations.

The manual of your MP3 player displays true wisdom. In case of an approaching antisensei, set the volume level to maximum.

The traditional agenda shows the way. After leaving the window-dressing club, you should consider to join a real dojo. The imposter pays a visit to your house. Change your name and move to a remote hotel.




Welcome back and have a nice year, Mr "Good Money After Bad".

The annual tax return is due. Fill out the form for negligent money obliteration.

Enrich your life with popular wisdom: Money is not everything.               This will become your motto of the future.

OK, now you really do run the risk of being scaled down to the dilettante's friend and loosing your credibility.


wind vanes

During the following twelve months, you will again succeed in destroying a further piece of self-esteem.

Detecting and reporting anti-antisensei activities should be an affair of the heart.

Time has come to scrutinize your deep convictions. The term "lap dog" must be celebrated as a compliment.

At the end of the year, your ability for preemptive obedience will be put to the test.



Question Mark

Between January 1 and December 31 is the best time to escape your rotten stamping ground. Evade detrimental influences by leaving the club of the charlatan as noisily as possible. Consider any missed training with the antisensei as a glamorous success.

Try real hard to fail a belt examination and thoroughly observe the outcome.


2007 EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE