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Budo Horoscope



The 12 animal zodiacs are generally well known.

Almost unknown are the 13 budo zodiacs.  

They influence fate and future in their very special way.







Budo Zodiacs




Dead End

Plan forward and use this year for  education. Leave your club.

You got something the big bungler wants desperately. Use the window of opportunity and have yourself upgraded.

You not only want to get a higher grade but also to get better. Watch out ! Your fantasy is running wild.

You overslept the training with the charlatan. Rejoice !  It's in your best interest.




More important than quick favours is long-term exploitation.  Unfold in the background. Direct confrontation will proof you inferior to others.

Stay focused. 

After a ramble to integrity, you can always return to your old scam.

Disguise your true intentions. At the end of the year, you will have a nice opportunity for new willing sidekicks.




Increase your popularity. Give away two ranks at the same time.

Relax! Your career will advance if you refrain from truth and integrity.

Fategalaxy antiassociation will ensure decadence in the long run.

In case of doubt, the examiner licence makes you in vogue.




Hide your true intentions from close and unknown people. And always be friendly.

A job opportunity opens up. Start an intrigue now.

The narcist conjunction bestows resignation and adjustment. This will advance your career considerably.

Nothing speaks against seeing things how they really are. But if you exaggerate and utter your opinion, you will pass up chances.




Antisensei rules your fifth house. The decision between integrity and loyalty reveals your true character.

Reflect on what you have become. Thereafter you should commence puking rampantly.

Incompetence and self-delusion blend into a success story under the patronage of the antisensei. 

Antisensei gets suspicious about your loyalty. Secure your position by abandoning any self-respect.




The  ascendant is favourable, except for you. You won't get any sleep during the coming nights. You are about to get attracted by the favor planet. Escape immediately.

At a big event you did most of the work. Meet the club officials and get a clarification who is in charge.

Are you longing for security? As the quack's sidekick you will always move in a reliable void.




After a long period you intend to resume training. You will encounter    a bad surprise.

You are romantic and cling to memories. Embrace the old times. Avoid the new ones.

Stay at home unless you like disappointments.

Prepare for a shock. Your former club has become a big soap-bubble and will bust your dreams.  




The proper blend of favors, favors, and favors will boost you to a higher orbit. You are uttermost incompetent and want a promotion. Be optimistic. The donor star will meet you fullway. Antisensei visits your sign. The splendor of the colorful belt compensates for  wasted time. Higher ranks will not be served on a silver platter. You have to be present personally and pay the fee.




You consider a change to an           anti-dojo. Stay where you are. 

Eat 17 pizzas. Do 34,175,478 push-ups. View 57,345 horror movies.

Swim through the ocean. Crawl through the desert.  Clean a sewage plant.

Memorize the telephone book. Crochet a carpet.  Build a pyramid.



it is high time

You arrived at a decision and should put it into action immediately. Otherwise antisensei will  ensnare you.

You come under the influence of a black hole. Leave as noisy as possible.

You made a right decision. You will probably find others joining in.

You will be relieved from big burdens. Antisensei leaves all your houses.




You are looking for new publicity. Don't get entangled with the wrong people. Count on this club in summer and look forward to clean-up in winter. The imposter casts a cloud. You will be duped. If you handle all money issues like sponsoring, you might like to invest in open land chicken farming on the moon.



wind vanes

Change to the fast lane and volunteer as helper. Enter the tremendous territory of charlatanry.

Experience advises caution against voicing your opinion. Seek progress in bootlicking.

Positive influences of subordination can support your career as a dynamic apple polisher.

At the end of the year, your loyalty might be questioned. You should reconsider which moral values really pay off.



question mark

Between January 1 and December 31 is the best time to leave your present club. Anti-antisensei and karate-doctor have arranged a jolly agenda for an unharmonic exit. Use strong language to get rid of undesirable ties.

Abandon last doubts by asking yourself what is possible in this place. Thereafter it is important to avoid panic.


2006 EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE