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This website is video surveilled

    video camera                                                                                               video camera




Black is the new Purple






Examination Jigsaw Puzzle


                jigsaw piece         jigsaw piece







And now to something completely similar.



Film reel      Raidcarp Pictures Presents      Film reel


       I Know What You Graduated        Last Summer


Belt shocker of the year



Coming Soon







Penguin silhouette

What is labeled elephant contains elephant.



town sign




Ultra-short Poetry Reading of the Month



                  My fridge is holding the fifth Dan           and wants the sixth one from Japan.







Marvellous, concise and yet expressive.

Condensed wisdom in rhyme form.

Even with a metre.

A milestone of international lyrics.
The new reference of political incorrectness.

The climax of dramatic poetry in accord with true Bauhaus school.




Wait ! Refrigerator with black belts, that is not possible.

Sure it is.

Where did it get the graduations ?

From a panel.

And who was in it ?

A further fridge, an oven, two sinks and a plunger.

I see !

Yes, and the oven has the 15th master rank.

Really ?

Of course, officially recognized and commonly accepted.

That's reassuring. Then I will sign up my kids there.



Smiley Megaphone         Smiley push ups 



            Mirror, mirror on the wall,                 where is the biggest trash of all ?   



Insert the logo of your local anti-dojo here.




Test winner




2019   ATF + DEA + EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE


Karate-Doctor ist the immune system of martial arts.

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