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The following contributions are not suited for Dan holders below purple belt level.

Itschi -- ni -- san -- and baaa

The fifth generation martial artists took the anti-kiai concept with great relief.  




What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


What happens in anti-dojos, does not stay in anti-dojos.


Sumo Smiley


The Karate-Doctor website is

antisensei-free for

25738 days.



Epigram Of The Day

Sycophants are the manure of charlatanry.



frame        Raidcarp Pictures Presents        frame



              As a child he had to watch how his parents failed               their green belt examination.

Now he seeks revenge.

And graduates anything.


Coming Soon





Doing charlatans a favor saves you lots of grading labor.

An antisensei's quick promotion is based on frequent brownnose potion.

Even if your moves are poor, you will get your rank for sure.

If you take an anti-way, you will surely face decay.

The helpers help at day and night, which brings their next rank close in sight.

If you doubt authority, you will face a failing spree.

Strike the antimaster's chord, and you will get a big reward.

The rank is high, the rank is fresh, as a give-away it's only trash.



Anti Flipper - graduated fish finger


Guys, Flipper has returned from the anti-dojo training.


Sometime they'll give away ranks, and no one will want them. 



Do not think

Who comes to mind at the word



question mark




                     Star Trek          Karate-Doctor Space Ship

Tea, earl grey, hot.

Toast, gratinated.

Towel, microfibre.

Graduation, master.




After months of careful planning,

the stone garden of the anti-dojo could finally be completed.



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