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Smiley with Nunchaku

The member of the fun-dojo took each nunchaku shaft in one hand, swang it over his head, jumped up a bit, hit his legs, fell down, and said:

The skipping rope is much too short.



The chairman is rhyming again



Do admit I am the boss

And you won't suffer ranking loss


The club members rhyme back


Charlatan stop your dictation

And start with our graduation




Tongue twister of the day

Eight attitudinizing antisenseis arbitralily attune eighty-eight absolutely arrant amateur aptitudes.



The farce.

Antisensei use the farce.




I came, I saw, I graduated.




Having successfully filleted several rainbow trouts, the antisensei was awarded the fugu preparation license by the blowfish association.







The wellness dojo gave the rank donee a feeling of grandeur and superiority.

Smiley boxing

A visit to the real dojo gave the rank donee a surprise.

Smiley boxing



The club members rhyme back again


Just promote us quick and cheap

You utter currupt junkyard heap










Tab Do

Tanning Bed Do

The way of the hollow tube

The martial art for key players


Standardized quality control


Objective test criteria


Predictable results


Guaranteed progress

To silence the Karate-Doctor



Keep off the anti-dojo sign


2013  EWS + GNM + HAW + NED + SWV + TDI + UNE

Ceterum censeo antidojum esse delendam.

Furthermore, I consider that the anti-dojo must be destroyed.