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Snip pets II




Mirror, mirror on the wall,

who is the biggest quack of all ?


That is you, Mr CEO, 

but the anti-masters

and their grading spree

are far more rotten

than you could ever be.





Bring the hair dryer - Antisensei has taken a shower


How is that meant ?

We stick it into his ass to dry his lackeys.

Fair enough.




Film Tip

Little Hulk





The club chairman rhymes


You are so good, you are so nice.

Obey me and you'll get the price.

The members rhyme back


Charlatan make us your fans

And churn out many freebie ranks




Ask not what the association can do for you -

ask what you can do for the window dressing society.









News from the countryside

And this time we will have real examinations




Anti-Association recommends


Kata Light


Half number of moves - Only 1 kime


The official graduation kata for the modern generation


Smiley boxing




The club chairman rhymes again


I want my next dan fast and free,

or I will stop the cheatery


The budo association rhymes back


We really do use you a lot.

You are a useful idiot.



Smiley punching


Ouch, I was not yet ready.




When Bruce Banner gets angry, he becomes the Hulk.

When the Hulk gets angry, he becomes a  Karate-Doctor.





Captain, the ship is sinking !




Enter the lifeboats.

Women, children, and martial art officials first.





Pre-Visualization Test

Antisensei Star Wars


Anti Star Wars





Light Bulb Joke





How many antisenseis do you need to change a 100 watts light bulb ?







The first one screws in a 40 watts bulb, and the second one promotes it to 100 watts, in order to motivate it to grow into its task.



Ode to the Antisensei




Antisensei do admit

Your fourth dan is just worthless shit

Needless though it is to say

The third one was a giveaway

Take both and the next one too

Flush them down the nearest loo

And when you reach the first dan rank

Bleach until it's white and blank




After extensive research, the Feng Chui master developed a new motto for the anti-dojo.







Rank Examination -- Budoka's Friend

If it is too arduous,

you are in a holiday club



Ode to the Antisensei




Antisensei do admit

All your ranks are worthless shit

Though there was a fee to pay

They all were but a giveaway

Flush them down the deepest loo

Consider this for yourself too

And when you reach the sewage hub

Announce this as your latest club

Then every fervent minion

Will join your new dominion




Have a Break, have a Graduation

To Rent


Your lese-majeste

 could be placed here


Choose Your Way - Practise or Pay

Graduation Maze



Clock - 5 to and past 12


No yellow belts were harmed in the making of this website.




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