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Snip pet s I








If you color my belt, I will color your belt.

Say that I am huge, and I say that you are big.

One fake grade deserves another.

Antisensei does not decolor antisensei.          



Rank giveaways are the continuation of politics with other means.



La La La La Lalalaa La La La La Lalalaa

Lalalalaa Kiaiaiai La La La La Lalalaa Laaa



Holiday Club Do Kanji Way of the Fun



                      Vivat talmisensei, pereat budo !



                                                                            Belt Express Service


Belt Delivery  Service

                                                                                                   TheBelt Vendor






HeSmiley dancingan YSmiley dancingndan  20XX   



Antisensei vs. Predator

Whoever wins - We loose






The belt is a piece of fabric.

Heresy ! Repent !


Don't look a gift rank at the color.


!! Impertinence !!

!! Defamation !!

!! Lèse Majesté !!



It was the time when the club emblem adopted to reality                    



   The wellness Kiai Smiley      


For our mathematicians




      +       nX


      = AEROBICS




n association




lim             (x + Dojo) =  Crap

 x --> Antisensei






You have the right to refrain from training with the antisensei. Anything you do will be used

against you in real life. You have the right to a genuine dojo. If you cannot afford one, stay at home.


Veni  - Vidi  - Smiley   


The green belt is the best friend of man.



That is just ***C****red***



And before the tournament, we will pay a visit to the tanning saloon.


Of course we are traditional  Smiley    



!! Heresy !!



Heian Nerdan !

The first encounter of the Anti-Dojo    Smiley




              Decadence         Quantity       Self-deception         Money

     Hedonism               Denial             Belittlement           Fraud

        Resignation         Show        Opportunism             Regression   

         Devotism         Apathy              Inflation         Tinsel        Fun

A word from our sponsor

          Image       Lies          PseuDo           Sport               Narcism

             Megalomania               Commerce                    Bungling  

        Frustration               Hipocracy         Charlatanry         Illusion


If you don't like it, you can always leave.


The other day I watched someone getting beaten up.

Because I didn't like it, I left. 


It is disgusting to draw such a parallel !



White Belt Idol - Final Stage



Karate Do Kanji                                                                                  


Make it Olympic - Finish it off ! 



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