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 Technical Support       ***                         

 Legal Consultant   ***                    

 Lèse-Majesté Advisor      Sir *** *** Earl of *** 

 Verbal gore prevention scheme developed by HAW

 Outrage forecasting by the *** department of the University of ***

 Ridicule Choreography     EWS                               

 Political Correctness Supervisor                Sacked and replaced by a rubber duck  

 Scapegoat           TDI                     

 Feng Shui Consultant         Master  *~*("$#.;µ             

 Graphic Design     HAW                    

 Storyboard     Life               

 Casting by pure chance and close encounters of the fed up kind

 Translation TDI
 Edited by TDI
 Continuity         GNM             
 Produced by TDI                                    

 Written by                                  + ATF + DEA + DNA + DPA + EWS + FAW + GNM

                                                   + HAW + MOI + NED + NNN + NNZ + PDE + SWV

                                                   + TDI + UFA + UNE

 Directed by



 We would like to thank the audience for their comments, suggestions, and criticism.

 Special thanks to the usual suspects for encouragement by insults, subliminal

 threats, and malicious gossip.

 We appreciate the targeted persons for continously debunking themselves and each



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